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Truck Loader 2

Truck Loader 2
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In Truck Loader 2 you must load up this cargo into the back of a truck as quickly and as carefully as you can. Enjoy this new installment of the truck loader game series and do your best to pass all of these challenging and fun levels.To drive the tractor, you must use the right and left arrow keys as in other game of this series. You can only move the tractor right and left. The space bar key will make the tractor jump a little and this can be helpful if you are trying to reach a box that is situated over your head. It will also help you to turn the tractor right side up, if you accidentally get tipped over. The goal of Truck Loader 2 is to move the boxes into the truck where the yellow part indicates. Once you get it there, you must drive out of the truck and you will pass the level.There are several obstacles in Truck Loader 2 that will make your job a bit tricky. The boxes are not always placed in an easy to get location. You will definitely have to figure out how to reach them by using your problem solving skills. The first level of this tractor games edition is easy. You must simply push a box into the truck. But after that, the levels get much harder. There will be buttons that will activate a lever or open up a hole. These will lead you to the box that you must deliver.In some cases a button can cause you more problems, however. For example, in the second level, one of the buttons will cause a car to fall and it may crush the boxes that you are supposed to carry. If this happens, or if you accidentally crush the box yourself, you can always try the level over again from the beginning. To do this, you must hit the reset button on the top of the screen.Sometimes, you need to pick up the box, rather than just push it. To pick it up, you must click and hold down on the left mouse button to activate the large magnet. You must move the magnet with the mouse. Some of the boxes are fragile and you must be careful not to drop them. These are labeled with a picture of a glass. They must also be placed right side up. If you put them upside down in the truck, you will not be bale to complete the level. So you must be able to think and act fast in Truck Loader 2 to finish your job. Try to finish all 30 levels and pass it on to your friend to enjoy.




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